Elk Island Public School’s Parent Survey Results @Fultonvale

Thank you to all parents who provided feedback to the school in November.  The survey for all parents was hosted by EIPS from November 4 to 24, 2015 to collect broad parent feedback on the overall performance of schools and the division. The Fall 2015 EIPS Parent Survey was drafted based on key Accountability Pillar Survey questions and a System Satisfaction Survey that was administered across EIPS from 1999 to 2005.   The survey was concise and gathered parent feedback on key educational quality characteristics: the quality of teaching, the quality of school leadership, communication and parent involvement, citizenship and discipline.   The survey results will improve EIPS’ overall accountability structure and provide valuable data for school and division planning. Please find the results below. We continue to learn and celebrate the success of students, staff and community.

EIPS Parent Survey 2015

Parent Survey FTV-EIPS

FTV Parent Survey 2015


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