Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Fultonvale School?

Fultonvale School is located southeast of Sherwood Park on Range Road 224 and Township Road 520. View map.

What options does Fultonvale School offer?

Fultonvale School offers Art, Drama, Music, French, Outdoor Education, Leadership and Recreational/Fitness Skills.  Junior high students also take career and technology foundations (CTF).

When do report cards come out?

Report cards are issued three times a year.  Interim report cards are also issued throughout the year as well. Check out the school calendar for more information.

What are student responsibilities?

Students have a responsibility to respect the rights and dignity of others and to become actively and productively involved in their own learning and social growth.  To achieve these goals, students are expected to:

  • Know, understand, and follow school rules
  • Accept responsibility for their actions at school or on school sponsored events
  • Put forth appropriate efforts on their studies to the best of their ability
  • Attend school regularly, punctually, and be prepared for each class
  • Cooperate fully and respectfully with all adult authorities within the classroom, on the playground, or on field trips
  • Respect the rights and dignity of others

What sports do you offer?

Fultonvale Firebird Athletics starts in the fall with Cross-country track and Volleyball. In December the switch is made to Basketball. In the spring Badminton starts with Track and Field rounding out the year.

What should students wear to school?

Students at Fultonvale are guided by good taste in dressing neatly and appropriately for the activities they participate in at school.  Slogans on all clothing should be positive and appropriate for the school setting. As well, students are expected to wear clothing that covers the shoulders (no halter-tops or spaghetti straps) as well as the midriff area. 

Can I ride my bike to Fultonvale School?

Sure you can!! Just make sure that you check it in at the office and that you lock it up. You should also read the school rules about bicycles.

When does the school close because of weather?

Check out the EIPS website or click here for more information about school closures.

Do I get a locker?

Junior high students receive a locker at the start of the year and elementary students keep their belongings stored in their desk.