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Study, Homework, and Doing Your Best

 One of the most common questions parents raise at interviews is:

What can we do to help our child improve their marks by the end of the year?  There are several steps that can be adhered to which will enable and ensure success not only at junior high, but at all grade levels of school work.  Using these steps at home will make a tremendous difference.

  1. Have a set time to do homework as well as additional time set for nightly study.
  2. Have a quiet and comfortable work environment.
  3. Monitor that work/study is actually being done.
  4. Be available to assist if needed.
  5. Ensure studying occurs throughout the term rather than the night or week prior to exams. When your child indicates they have no homework, they do have study and review of the day’s, week’s and term work.
  6. Development of positive work habits can only improve results.
  7. Be in contact with teachers through interviews, telephone calls, e-mail or notes and letters.
  8. Studying is not just reading over the material, but also rewriting, redoing, practicing, discussing with others, asking as well as answering questions.
  9. Check your child’s agenda regularly and insist that it be used and filled in.