Feel the HEAT

Feel the HEAT


Fultonvale’s school motto is “Feel the Heat”.  HEAT stands for Heart, Excellence, Attitude and Teamwork.


Heart – Fultonvale is a community of learners who care about each other where everyone can feel they belong and feel safe.  Fultonvale students and staff care about themselves, they care for each other and they care about the school.

Excellence – We strive for personal excellence.  We encourage you to do your best.

Attitude – A successful Fultonvale student is responsible for their learning and they are responsible in their behaviour.  The attitude is to try your best, even when things get difficult.

Teamwork – The staff of Fultonvale believe very strongly that students achieve when they are part of a team made up of students, staff, and parents.  We strive to work together between the home and the school.


No matter what you are involved in at Fultonvale, keep our school motto in mind, and Feel the Heat!

Online Copy of Handbook

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