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Fultonvale Community Project

Fultonvale Families,

Fultonvale School Council and the School have worked together to come up with a community project to help bring us all together during this COVID time.  We had originally planned an in-person event to take place back in March, but it was unfortunately cancelled.  Due to the current circumstances, we are still unable to host an in-person community event, so School Council and the School had to come up with something different.  After much collaboration, the best idea we came up with was to create another mural, but this time it will be the Fultonvale Community Tree.

Through Mural Mosaic, the organization that led and helped us create the iconic Firebird in the Gathering Space, we will be creating a Community Tree.  This time, we are asking that all Fultonvale Families contribute to this tree.  The idea behind this tree is to create something that not only will bring our community together during this COVID time but be a lasting piece of history for our school.  Not only will the final product be proudly displayed in our school, every participant will get a downloadable, digital copy to keep for themselves.

How it works

Each family will contribute a “tile”.  This is a great way for your family to brainstorm and work together on your tile.  You do not need to use a physical tile, you can use anything in your home – paper, cardboard, etc.  The only criteria is that the tile is a square.  You will use any art supplies you have in your home, paint, crayons, pencil crayons, etc., to create you design.  Mural Mosaic has provided us with detailed instructions and examples to help assist your family.  Once you have created your tile, you will take a photo of your creation and email it.  All the photos will be sent to Mural Mosaic and they will combine them into a tree collaboration.


Mural Mosaic Instructions:

Tiles should be Blue or Green Themed

Tiles need to be a minimum of 4 x 4 and maximum 8 x 8.  A sample tile is below.

The Deadline for Tile Submission will be December 11, 2020

Email your completed tiles to


We are excited about this project and hope all families will participate.  Thank you so much for your contribution and helping us come together.


Fultonvale School Virtual Mural

Create your artwork within the white square or create your own square (cardstock is better for paints)

Minimum Square Size 4 x 4

Maximum Square Size 8 x 8

  • Art Supplies…Paints work the best but use anything you like to create your art piece!

(acrylic paint, pencil crayons, markers, crayons, mixed media colored paper, etc)

  • Leave NO white – fill the entire square with color
  • Use BLUE or GREEN for the overall background color
  • Take a phot of your art and send your art to

For help or ideas go to  Here you will find instructions and sample videos.

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