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Welcome to the Fultonvale School website!

Fultonvale School is a Kindergarten to grade 9 school located just southeast of Sherwood Park, Alberta. We offer the best of the urban world with a warm sense of rural hospitality and friendliness.

Fultonvale's motto is "Feel the HEAT" and we like to encourage all members of the community (students, staff and parents) to embrace it on a daily basis.

Use the calendar and Firewire links on the side to see what's coming up and what's going on!

We are looking forward to a wonderful year of learning together.

Miss MJ Nam     Mr. Grant Fiddes         

Principal           Assistant Principal      

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SPT October 2014 Conferences

Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews
Interviews will be held on Tuesday, October 21st, and Thursday, Oct 23rd, from 4:30 -7:30 pm. for Elementary students.
You can now book interview times on
The online bookings are OPEN from Friday, October 3rd, and CLOSE on Friday, October 17th at 4:00 pm.
The school event code is P9ERN
Enter this school event code.
Then follow the 3 simple steps.
Parents can change their interview bookings, any tine to the closing date by revisiting the website and using the event code P9ERN.
Remember to use the same name and email address, you used when you made your original booking. Parents wishing to change their interview times after the closing date, should contact the school directly at 780-922-3058. Student/Parent/Teacher interviews for Grade 1-6 are 10 minutes.
For Junior High students, interviews are held in the school gymnasium from 4:30 p.m. -7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 21st, and Thursday, October 23rd, on a walk-in basis.
No appointment is necessary. We ask that you keep conversations with each teacher to a maximum of 10 minutes.
Babysitting will be available for younger siblings.
Don’t forget to stop by the library to visit our Book Fair!


Website Fees

Website Fee Information 2014/15

Fee Invoices are Now Available

As of September 2014, families are able to view and pay their 2014-2015 school fees through our online payment system – ACORN – which is accessible through the Parent Portal.

  1. Login to the Parent Portal
  2. Under the navigation menu, click on the student fees icon – the green dollar sign – to access the fee summary page for your child
  3. Click on the appropriate student name to review a detailed summary of fees to date
  4. Pay your fees online


School fees are due October 31, 2014.


Families who have provided a valid email address during registration will receive an emailed electronic copy of the same fee invoices on September 15. Even after you’ve paid your initial fees, please continue to monitor your ACORN account as additional fees may be added throughout the year (e.g., field trip and athletic team fees).


If you have trouble logging into the Parent Portal or questions regarding ACORN, please contact the school office at 780-922-3058.



Fultonvale Zombie Run

Fultonvale “Zombie” Run

This year our Leadership 8/9 students are going to host a Zombie Run on Oct 29. We will have grade 1-9 students have a fun run through the trails at Fultonvale, stopping at 8 checkpoints and continuing to the final stop. Students from grade 4-9 will be chased by Leadership students posing as “Zombies” along the run. Each student that successfully finds all 8 checkpoints will be saved from the Zombies and be entered in for a prize draw. Mr. Brzezicki and the Leadership students will explain the run to each class early next week.


Fultonvale Playgrounds

K-Rite Construction Company will soon begin work on the Modernization of our school. During the first phase of construction, one of the areas that will be affected is our Division I playground in order for work to begin on our new gymnasium. In the upcoming weeks, the playground will be fenced off and the take down process will begin. Once the playground is fully disassembled it will be placed into storage for future use. In the meantime, this leaves us without a playground for Division I.

In order for us to continue to offer your child the program and activities that they have received thus far, we have decided that it would be in everyone’s best interest to work out a schedule that would allow both Divisions I & II to share the remaining playground. Park N Play Playground Design Company has verified to us that the existing Division II playground is completely safe for all students aged 5-12. There are 2 pieces of equipment that we, as a school however, have decided to not allow Division I to use. The high spinning swing and the climbing wall that are located in the northeast corner of the playground will be off limits to Division I students as to ensure your child’s safety.

EIPS Calendar for the 2015-16 School Year

Fall 2014

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Enclosed in this message is a link to a video and a short survey for your feedback about the EIPS Calendar for the 2015-16 school year. Your input is very important to us as the decision the Board will make in December will be guided in part by survey responses.  Ideally using a Chrome browser, please watch the video, and then answer the short survey.  All survey responses must be completed by November 15.  Thank you for your time and contribution. 

This presentation works best if you copy the link below, open the Chrome Browser, and insert the link at the top of that page.  

Calendar Consultation Background Notes

Each year, the Board votes on the following year’s school calendar at their December meeting.  Three years ago, the board voted to maintain a calendar with the same number of operational and instructional days for the following three years.  Instructional days are school days when students attend.  Operational days are staff working days but students are not in school.   

The Board has asked for a consultation process for the EIPS school calendar for the 2015-16 school year.  A consultation committee was established last spring, consisting of 27 people representing students, parents, certificated staff (teachers), classified staff, principals, assistant principals, directors, and trustees.  Additionally representatives from Elk Island Catholic Schools and New Horizons served on the committee since both of these school divisions also follow the EIPS calendar. 

The committee met five times last spring, discussing authority and guidelines for developing division calendars and exploring the relationship between teacher professional learning and student achievement.   The committee used the results from a 2011 calendar survey and consultation process to guide this year’s work.  In 2011, more than 2900 individuals responded to the calendar consultation meetings and survey questions.  The results of that survey strongly supported a Fall Break of five days.  Additionally, the survey supported a winter and spring break coinciding with Edmonton Public’s.  77% of parents surveyed supported full day professional learning days for staff.  3% supported ½ days for professional learning, 10 % supported two monthly early dismissal days.  In the 2011 calendar survey, 71% of EIPS staff also supported full day professional learning.  Therefore the options presented include either the status quo, or full days for professional learning on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays.

From the committee’s research, the average Alberta school division days of instruction is 182 and average professional learning and operational days is 14, making the average Alberta school division total calendar days 196.  All EIPS calendar models present 181 instructional days.  The status quo model presents a total of 192 total days (the current number of days in this year’s calendar).  The Monday, Wednesday and Friday calendar versions present full days for staff meetings and professional learning and these calendars all add three days, making the total proposed calendars at 195.

In the 2015 school year, Labour Day falls on September 7.  Because of this, school cannot start school after Labour Day next year if the Fall break was to be maintained as well as a two week Winter Holiday because diploma and provincial exams are scheduled by Alberta Education during the last few weeks of January and our high school semester ends with exam administration.

Minutes of instruction between the status quo calendars vary slightly between calendars due to the change in an early dismissal day to a full day of instruction each month.

Comparison of average  minutes of instruction

Between calendar models

Status Quo Calendar Option (early dismissal calendars)

Monday, Wednesday, or Friday Calendar Options (full day instruction – no early dismissals)

Elementary and Junior High

Senior High

Elementary and Junior High

Senior High

320 minutes per day for regular day

260 minutes of instruction for monthly early dismissal days

335 minutes per day first semester

336 minutes per day second semester

317 minutes per day all year

338 minutes first semester

328 minutes second semester

Survey link:

Powerschool Portal- Junior High

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Stay tuned for some excitingPowerSchool information coming after the break.

PowerSchool Portal. 

Portal Video Description

Other Parent Portal Information

Please note that as our school year continues, please "click" on the dashes to see work and learning.   

EVERY Sunday between 9:00 and 10:00 pm, PowerSchool will be unavailable due to a scheduled regular maintenance.



Nut aware

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Fultonvale Elementary Junior High is a "NUT AWARE" school.  Please help us keep all our students safe.  Click the following link for more information and lists of alternative snacks and treats.

 Nut Aware Information & Procedures

Fultonvale School Education Plan 2012-2015

Thank you for your support with our three goals:

      1.) The school community is engaged in positive interpersonal relations and resolving conflicts

      2.) Student learning continues to improve in the areas of numeracy and literacy.

      3.) The school is actively engaged in working collaboratively.

* For a more detailed outline of FTV's School Education Plan for the next three years please click the following link:

FTV School Education Plan 2013 - 2015

My Child's Learning: A Parent Resource

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 Be informed. Be involved.

Fultonvale Elementary Junior High School supports Alberta Education in it's commitment to creating an inclusive education system that inspires and enables all students to achieve success from Kindergarten through to High School.

We recognize that parents play an vital role in shaping the way their children view learning. As a parent, you understand more than anyone else how your child learns and processes information. The following link is an excellent resource that will provide you with a better understanding of Alberta's curriculum and how you can help your child. Here, you'll discover what your child is learning, how they're assessed and what resources are available to help them be successful.  Please click on the following link:

My Child's Learning

Twitter: @fultonvale

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Follow Fultonvale School activities and staff on Twitter! 


We are in the process of establishing a profile on Twitter that will keep you posted of activities and teacher updates for Fultonvale School. If you have an account, you can follow us by searching for Fultonvale or looking for the user: @fultonvale

The plan is to have updates for school sports, student council, fun days and teacher news all streaming through this one source.

Clcik on the linkbelow to see our recent tweets!

Tweets by @Fultonvale

Fultonvale G-Mail - Access Link

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Fultonvale Elementary Jr. High School's G-Mail domain is an email system for students and teachers. It allows users to upload, attach, send, assignments and information quickly and safely to each other.  Please click the link below to access G-Mail.

Student Access to their Fultonvale Gmail accounts shall be inaccessible over the summer holiday.  The accounts shall be back up and running at school start up in September.  Thank you.

Fultonvale G-Mail Access

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