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Mr. Craig Buchert

ELA, Drama, Health, FSL

I joined this wonderful Fultonvale staff in 2013, and I am very proud to be a small piece of its remarkable culture, where we support, encourage, and motivate each other on the daily. Whether creating or interpreting, everything I teach falls within the realm of story. The narratives weave their way through language arts, drama, media studies, and occasionally leadership and health. My greatest source of pride comes through encouraging students to find their voices, and to tell their stories. I look forward to making your acquaintance, and working together towards a greater understanding and appreciation of literature and the human condition. I realize all of this has a pretentious ring to it, but I am actually a hockey player/farmer at heart, so let’s get er done. You’re welcome to join my Google Classrooms and/or contact me directly @ Thank you for tolerating this brief biography.