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Mr. Mark Wever

Assistant Principal

I have been at Fultonvale for several years, and am thankful for the opportunity to participate in the educational experiences shared within our school. When I first arrived in 2008, I was pleased to be surrounded by a sense of community, which reminded me of my small town roots. No matter where I have worked at Fultonvale; in the classroom, gym, shop, coordinating athletics, and now the office, the interactions I have with our students make my career a positive and enjoyable experience.


I have encouraged this sense of community to grow, and will continue to foster this sense of belonging during my time at EIPS. Our staff, parent group, and community members have continued to be strong supporters of the work Fultonvale is doing, and I am proud to call this building… and its community, “My School”.


Thank you for sharing the Heart Excellence Attitude and Teamwork that make this a great place to be.