Grade 1 - Citizenship

1.1 My World: Home, School, Community

1.2 Moving forward with the Past: My Family, My History and My Community

Grade 2 - Communities in Canada

2.1 Canada's Dynamic Communities.

2.2 A Community in the Past.

Grade 3 - Connecting with the World

3.1 Communities in the World.

3.2 Global Citizenship.

Grade 4 - Alberta: The Land, Histories and Stories

4.1 Alberta: A Sense of the Land

4.2 The Stories, Histories and People of Alberta

4.3 Alberta: Celebrations and Challenges

Grade 5 - Canada: The Land, Histories and Stories

5.1 Physical Geography of Canada

5.2 Histories and Stories of Ways of Life in Canada

5.3 Canada: Shaping an Identity

Grade 6 - Democracy: Action and particpation

6.1 Citizens Particpating in Decision Making

6.2 Historical Models of Democracy: Ancient Athens and the Iroquois Confederacy