Belief Statements




1. We believe that student learning is our most important focus and responsibility. We further believe teacher proficiency to be the most important factor affecting student learning.

2. We believe that all children can learn, succeed and experience success. Success for each student may be defined differently.

3. We believe that strong interpersonal relationships between the teacher and students help students grow into respectful, caring and responsible adults. We also believe that strong relationships among staff members and among students are important to the development of our students as learners and as human beings.

4. We believe that exemplary teachers use a systematic approach to excel in four primary areas of instructional expertise: (1) planning, (2) lesson design and implementation, (3) classroom management and leadership, and (4) assessing and reporting student learning.

5. We believe in the importance of making out-of-classroom contributions to the team effort of the school.

6. We believe in the importance of career-long learning.