School Profile


Fultonvale is a kindergarten to Grade 9 school located in a rural area neighbouring the Strathcona Olympiette Centre. It provides a strong academic program to students in all grades. Adjacent to the school are athletic fields, surrounded by wooded areas with trails that are utilized by the students for cross-country running, skiing and nature walks.

The school has an enrollment of approximately 500 students and 40 staff members who get to know the students individually, and make an extra effort to understand and support student growth. Parent volunteers assist in all facets of the school operation, including working with individual students during the day.

The Learning Commons is the central hub of the school, containing a large collection of print and media resources including Smart TV for Internet research and presentations. Chromebooks & laptops also allow students to use technology and provide high speed access to the Internet. A small computer lab is located in the CTF area as well.

The level of student involvement and leadership in the school is what makes Fultonvale School a great place to be. Many special events and activities are also provided by school staff members throughout the school year. Junior high sports teams included volleyball, basketball and badminton for both girls and boys. Elementary students also experience growth in a variety of physical pursuits, including swimming lessons, ski trips for grades 4 to 6 students, and the track team.



Feel the H.E.A.T. (Heart, Excellence, Attitude, Teamwork)



Our mission is to provide a positive environment where students are able to develop to their full potential. The school promotes lifelong learning and continuous personal growth and development for all students, staff and parents.



Our school motto "Feel the H.E.A.T." summarizes our basic beliefs. We feel that every student, staff member and parent are part of a school that emphasizes "heart" through caring for each other, caring for ourselves, and caring for learning. The staff at Fultonvale emphasizes friendly and caring interactions with students. They make an extra effort to understand the students in order to help them and support them in their growth. Excellence is demonstrated on many levels: personal, academic and athletic. The attitude of a successful Fultonvale student is one that emphasizes a personal responsibility for learning and behaviour. Teamwork among all stakeholders is vital for successful student learning.